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Title: ラット腓腹筋外側部表層の筋線維形態に及ぼす自発走トレーニングの影響
Authors: 辻本, 尚弥
鈴木, 英樹
春日, 規克
Tsujimoto, Hisaya
ツジモト, ヒサヤ
Keywords: voluntary runningtraining
morphological change
F344 female rat
gastrocnemius muscle
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2004
Publisher: 久留米大学比較文化研究所
Abstract: The effects of voluntary running training were investigated in the 13-weeks-old female Fischer344・rats (n=12). Animals were divided into two groups; sedentary (S; N=7) or voluntary running training (VT; N=5) group at 4-weeks of age. Animals in group VT were given free access to a ru.nning wheel for 8 weeks. Sample from the superficial portion of the lateral gastrocnemius (GAS) muscle was analyzed using histochemical techniques. Body weight of all groups was significantly increased during training period. There was significantly difference between S and VT in the final body weight. The average running revolution of group VT was 6951 ア2369 (MeanアSD) per day. Heart weight and relative heart weight of group VT were significantly higher than group S. There was no significantly difference between S and VT in the GAS weight. However, the relative GAS weight of group VT was significantly higher than that of group S. Mean cross sectional area (CSA) of type I B fiber was sigュ nificantly wider than that of type I D fiber. Variance of CSA was significantly different between type I D and I B fiber. The mean CSA of the VT group was significantly bigger than that of the S group in each typed fiber. Variance of CSA was significantly different between VT and S group in type I D fiber. These results indicate that type I D and type I B fiber of the superficial porュ tion of the lateral gastrocnemius muscle is affected by voluntary training.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11316/234
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