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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Aug-2015Qualitative brain MRI at term and cognitive outcomes at 9 years after very preterm birth.岩田 , 幸子; Iwata, Sachiko
13-Aug-2015Radial basis function-sparse partial least squares for application to brain imaging data.吉田, 寿子; Yoshida, Hisako
13-Aug-2015Radiation effects on DNA content of cervical cancer cells: A rapid evaluation of radiation sensitivity by laser scanning cytometry.藤吉, 直樹; Fujiyoshi, Naoki
Mar-2014RefWorksによる文献管理と論文作成藤原, 彩香; Fujihara, Sayaka; フジハラ, サヤカ
8-Jun-2016Regeneration of Vocal Fold Mucosa Using Tissue-Engineered Structures with Oral Mucosal Cells深堀, 光緒子; Fukahori, Mioko
24-May-2016Regular Tooth Brushing is Associated with a Decreased Risk of Metabolic Syndrome According to a Medical Check-Up Database.堤, 千代; Tsutsumi, Chiyo
26-May-2016Regulation of the Human Ghrelin Promoter Activity by Transcription Factors, NF-κB and Nkx2.2.椎村, 祐樹; Shiimura, Yuki
1-Jun-2016Regulator of G-protein signaling 5 enhances portal vein invasion in hepatocellular carcinoma梅野, 有美; Umeno, Yumi
26-Jan-2018Relationship between sexual function and prostate-specific antigen bounce after iodine-125 permanent implant brachytherapy for localized prostate cancer.Nishihara, Kiyoaki; 西原, 聖顕
31-Mar-2013Relationship between Stage of Change for Stress Management Behavior and Mental Health among Chinese International Students in JapanMatsuda, Terumi; Tsuda, Akira; Deng, Ke
11-Aug-2015Risk factors for shoulder re-dislocation after arthroscopic Bankart repair.柴田, 英哲; Shibata, Hideaki
Feb-2017RによるSFAの解法とその応用譚, 康融; Tan, Kangrong
Mar-2014Rによる効果量分析の実際盛崎, 俊浩; Morisaki, Toshihiro; モリサキ, トシヒロ
14-Aug-2015Selecting better generic drugs.早川, 正信; Hayakawa, Masanobu
24-Jun-2016Serum Albumin and Cerebro-cardiovascular Mortality During a 15-year Study in a Community-based Cohort in Tanushimaru, a Cohort of the Seven Countries Study梅木, 陽子; Umeki, Yoko
27-May-2016Serum level of periostin can predict long-term outcome of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis田尻, 守拡; Tajiri, Morihiro
31-Mar-2017Shifting paradigms in ecosystem based approach : An case of forest fi re history in United States and the science policy interface of themKohsaka, Ryo; Huntsinger, Lynn; Mori, Akira; Uchiyama, Yuta; コウサカ, リョウ; モリ, アキラ; ウチヤマ, ユウタ
30-Jun-2014Side population cell fractions from hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines increased with tumor dedifferentiation, but lack characteristic features of cancer stem cells中山, 正道; Nakayama, Masamichi
27-May-2016Sonic Hedgehog signaling regulates vascular differentiation and function in human CD34 positive cells: vasculogenic CD34(+) cells with Sonic Hedgehog金谷, 蔵人; Kanaya, Kurando
26-May-2016Subcutaneous transplantation promotes organ formation of the fetal rat urogenital sinus.上村, 慶一郎; Uemura, Kei-ichiro
Showing results 125 to 144 of 400
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